2nd floor
Adviso A law firm that specializes exclusively in business law. With exemplary insight to our region’s business and industry, they are qualified to offer legal expertise and advise in all fields and to all businesses no matter the size. Visit Adviso
Aido Supplier of technology to save time and costs in shift planning, time recording, coordination of temps/employees and interaction. Visit Aido
ALH Holding company for Momentium, one of the largest festival agencies in Norway. Also the founders of Ocean Sound Recordings, tech companies as Tikkio and several venues and restaurants in Ålesund. Visit ALH
Arctic Bioscience Develops products, solutions, and technologies based on bioactive marine compounds that are either kept proprietary or patented Visit Arctic Bioscience
ASK Invest A family investment business that invest in long term sustainable changes and positive disruptions.
DNB An international bank that offer private and corporate clients financial services from their offices around the globe. Visit DNB
Elis Norge An international multi service partner that offers solutions to the mat-, workwear- and hygiene industry. Visit Elis Norge
First House First House offers advisers within communication and PR. They help companies handle demanding issues, analyze different situations, and apply insight and communication skills to advice and measure lasting value for customers. Visit First House
Global Maritime Global Maritime is a marine, offshore and engineering consultancy that specializes in marine warranty, dynamic positioning and engineering services. Visit Global Maritime
Green Wave Value Helps companies with ESG-reporting. Specializing in maritime related industries to effectively map out the challenges, solutions and the future of ocean sustainability. Visit Green Wave Value
Imagine Provides services such as photography, drone services, digital image processing and manipulation and printing. Visit Imagine
Impande A charity that gives children and young people from vulnerable backgrounds in South Africa opportunities to develop their abilities and talent. Visit Impande
Kristin Støylen Photography Photographer Visit Kristin Støylen Photography
Layer A consulting agency that helps companies create profitable digital strategies and make better decisions for marketing. Visit Layer
Losen Studio A design studio that helps you with developing your brand - from idea to marketing your brand and its story. Visit Losen Studio
Manuela Hofer Freelancer in music, text and art photography. Writes own songs, articles and interviews for various magazines, Dialog podcast and produces music videos. Visit Manuela Hofer
Metro Sounds Metro Sounds operates the radio channels Radio Metro, The Beat and Radio Rox, in addition to the OnePlay app. They know sound. Visit Metro Sounds
NExTdigital NExTdigital is a network that creates meeting places where the present meets the future, and where people from different businesses find solutions to digital challenges together. Visit NExTdigital
Nordic Steel One of Norway's certified steel centres. A complete supplier of mechanical production within advanced plate processing, certified welding and assembly. They deliver to customers in all industries. Visit Nordic Steel
Permafrost Design Industrial design studio that creates timeless and ever-lasting products. Visit Permafrost
Safari planter Delivers plants, plant care and service. Visit Safari planter
Sopra Steria Helps large private companies and public enterprises take digital leadership. Visit Sopra Steria
Sparebanken Møre A local bank which purpose is to develop society through business operations and by providing support for non-profit purposes. The bank is a good contributor to make our region a place for development and creativity. Visit Sparebanken Møre
Støle Consulting
Svai Sauna A floating sauna for rent in Ålesund. Visit Svai Sauna
Sørsida Utvikling Responsible for operational management, planning, coordinating and prioritizing in the development of the south side of Ålesund city centre. Visit Sørsida Utvikling
Takk For Sist A content agency that combines good insight and creative channel use. They help companies create credible and relevant content that engages. Visit Takk For Sist
TN Consulting Specializes in consulting companies on business development and accounting.
Trips of Norway Provides exclusive and professional transport in Norway's most beautiful surroundings. Visit Trips of Norway
Ubevisst Ubevisst is a platform for spreading happiness and meaning in people’s lives through courses, podcasts, and content from experts. Visit Ubevisst
Zacco Creates tools and processes to help companies sort their intangible assets and intellectual property. Visit Zacco
3rd floor
Afry An engineering and consulting company that create sustainable engineering and design solutions. Operating across the globe, connecting technologies to create progress for their clients. Visit Afry
BagID A high-tech luggage tag that ensures 100% readability throughout the journey, it tracks down lost stuff all over the world. Visit BagID
Cynergi A film production company that has great success in documentaries and campaign films about mental health. Visit Cynergi
fixselv.no Norwegians leading online store in parts for robot lawnmowers and -vacuum cleaners. Visit fixselv.no
Frost Media A production service resource providing full production support for companies who wish to shoot commercials, films and television within Norway. Visit Frost Media
Furnes Design A small design agency that creates websites from concept to finished result on all digital surfaces. Visit Furnes Design
Greenstat Greenstat is an energy company that develops and invests in projects and companies that contribute to emission reductions and green value creation. Visit Greenstat
Holmem Grafikk Plan, produce and deliver visual content for all surfaces and formats. Visit Holmem Grafikk
Innovatica Innovatica is a private consulting company that helps Norwegian and foreign companies protect their ideas. They assist with trademarks, patents and design protection. Visit Innovatica
Konnexus Konnexus is a consultancy company, advising on Intellectual Property rights and commercial contract management. Visit Konnexus
Piwot A consultant company that helps other companies with change and growth strategies. Visit Piwot
Polaris Media One of Scandinavia's largest media houses and printing groups. Visit Polaris Media
Salmon Evolution A land-based salmon farmer. Visit Salmon Evolution
Tind Regnskap An accounting company that makes accounting uncomplicated with cloud based solutions. Visit Tind Regnskap
Tone Molnes Photographer Visit Tone Molnes
Ulsmo Eiendom Ulsmo Eiendom operates within Rental and Housing. Visit Ulsmo Eiendom
Unit4 Creates future-oriented solutions to help employees avoid the frustration and time loss, that are often associated with time registration and processing of expenses and travel bills. Visit Unit4
VUU VUU is a plug-and-play solution for content providers that add value instantly to a content library. Their innovative solution provides instant, curated access to relevant data that interests your audience. Visit VUU
Zacco Zacco is a modern, full-service intellectual property consultancy within innovative thinking. Visit Zacco
4th floor
Kvale Kvale is a leading commercial law firm that provides assistance to Norwegian and international businesses. Visit Kvale
5th floor
Sunnmørsposten The largest media house in the north-west of Norway. Visit Sunnmørsposten
6th floor
Vest Studio Designs brands and digital services for companies that want to make a difference. Visit Vest Studio