1. Know when to post

Did you know that when you choose to publish posts affects how well your content performs on social media? If you post at the same time as everyone else, you also have to compete with them. The same applies if you post when no one in your audience is active. Check your reports and you will know when your followers are most active. You can also find useful insights in the statistics compiled by Later, for example.

2. Be relevant

This one never goes out of fashion, 2022 or not. Whether you’re creating a Facebook contest or an inspiration post; be relevant no matter what you’re communicating. Connect the content to your business area to make sure it’s relevant to your audience. For example, if you run a "guess the number of Mentos in the box" contest with an iPad as a prize for a company that sells cars, you will end up with a disengaged audience following you only for the prize. Not for your product. This leads to fewer clicks versus number of followers, known as engagement rate. This applies to all content, not just contests.

3. Evergreen content is good for the (content)environment

You do not have to reinvent the wheel every time. Do you feel stuck with nothing to post? Is there too much to do and no time to be creative? That’s what evergreen content is for. Your old content can be reused! Maybe you shared an engaging article on LinkedIn a few months ago, which can be transformed into a Facebook post? Simply update the headline and image to make it feel fresh and there’s your content. Good content is often just as relevant a year later.

4. Become a format nerd

The struggle is real, your social media channels want different formats. This naturally leads to more work, but it's worth your time! The vast majority of channels prefer portrait formats, besides websites. If you get to know the formats and how they perform, it will lead to more precise content production. Get photographers and film photographers to film and take photos in multiple formats. We have all experienced being left with lots of super nice landscape photos, and nothing that fits Instagram Stories, right?

Before you leave, here are some trends we believe in for 2022:


1. Reintroducing chronological feed on Instagram will change the way we consume and share content

Yep, the chronological feed on Instagram will return in 2022. It will be optional though. In any case, this will affect both the content and when we post it.

2. Transparency and anti greenwashing

We will talk even more about sustainability. The difference is that the public will voice their opinions to brands and companies to a greater extent. Especially in social media where the public have the opportunity to comment on posts. We believe that more people will ask questions about content communicating sustainability.

3. More creative advertising

The past years, advertising in the traditional social media channels has become less and less effective, due to the audiences developing "ad fatigue". This is going to lead to two things; more marketers will be exploring "new" advertising platforms such as TikTok and Snapchat rather than Instagram and Facebook. The second thing that will happen is that marketers need to be more creative in how they design their ads. Putting money on a digital sales poster will no longer work. The content must be relevant, channel-adapted, useful and lead to a reaction from the audience.


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Author of this blog post and Pir member Sara Strand
is Content Creator and Founder of Takk For Sist Studio