Just a few years ago, the general work model was to travel to your company's office Monday to Friday 9 to 5 and work with your colleagues in the same company. All with different tasks to achieve the company's goals. We can say a lot of negative things about the impact covid has had on society, but people's work habits and focus on the necessities to get the job done has shifted. When motivation and creative freedom are allowed to unfold outside the office's four walls, we get to see real value. Home office was the change we needed to break old habits. It gave us insight into the fact that very many professions can be performed in other settings and in other ways.

"Cowork is simply just a platform that nurtures
creative development."


A concept that has spread widely in recent years. Home office is not for everyone, in the long run only for a few. People need social contact with each other and specifically new surroundings to develop and grow. If you work in a large company, run your own business, just starting up or looking for what to do next.

What does it mean to cowork? It is simply explained as a society where people not necessarily work towards the same work goal, but achieves inspiration and motivation by meeting others with a different view than yourself. You get a network that can help you see the path to your goal in a new perspective and cover the needs for social interaction. Collaboration that leads to development and new skills for everyone involved. And you achieve collaboration with different people and companies. Cowork is simply just a platform that nurtures creative development.



What to do?

So how can you get the most out of working new? Whether you seek a new community in your local café, join a coworking space or profession specific conferences, get out there. Meet new people, get inspired by different perspectives and thrive both professionally and personally. Go cowork.

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Victoria Lund, Community Manager at Pir Cowork