Like family

With their fifteen year anniversary coming up, Marie Helene made the decision to move the company from Oslo to Ålesund and is now a valued member at Pir Cowork, both socially and professionally. We asked Marie Helene to tell us more about Cynergi and her team:

MH: The three of us work full time for Cynergi, the rest are freelancers we hire for different projects. We are a very solid team and have worked together for many years, it feels like we are a family.

Marie Helene Høyberg, CEO, Cynergi

With hundreds of film productions, they have left a mark especially within the mental health segment. We were curious how this came about:

MH: Mental health and documentaries have become our main market segment and over the years we have collaborated with different National competence Centers and many volunteer organizations. Together we are able to create a meaningful message and educate people all over Norway.


Further development

Moving from a safe establishment in a big city with actors easily available seems like a bold move. But Marie Helene had a very clear vision of what the future would look like for Cynergi:

MH: We are working towards establishing more productions in Sunnmøre and our goal for 2022 is to get to know and test different local photographers, actors etc. Our vision for the company in the future is to make more documentaries based on our own initiative, and within this year we want to have a long documentary in production. Cynergi want to put Ålesund and this region on the map of film production, and hopefully eventually go international.  


Kamera Cynergi.jpg

“Anything that does not have a deadline, is a dream”

There is no doubt that Marie Helene is 100% invested in her work and customers. She truly believes that their creations can and will make a difference in the society. However, she is very clear that it does not come by itself:

MH: In our company there is room to be ourselves and put different ideas and thoughts on the table. There is a culture of trust, and everyone knows what to do at what time. You could look at it like the synergy effect were the merging of a larger entity, where people work together, gives greater results. We also live by the saying; “anything that doesn’t have a deadline, is a dream”, reminding us that things must be set into motion to be created.


Cynergi is located on the third floor at Pir and Marie Helene is always ready to hear your ideas, share knowledge over a cup of coffee or talk film.

Visit their website at: