The foundation of Pir started as an investment in start up and growth companies in our region. Local investors have built a home and a meeting place for people who want to create. A meeting place for new and small companies, bigger established businesses, students and urban individuals that have destination Ålesund as their workation.

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Collaboration - the key to success

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At Pir our goal is to gather founders, investors, advisers, managers and national and international partners with a focus on contributing to good and meaningful growth, our core is collaboration. We have seen a valuable growth in the Norwegian start-up scene in recent years. Ålesund should be a natural city to look to for entrepreneurial environment and growing companies. Even large companies are struggling to keep up with digitalization, creating value and being sustainable. We believe all companies can learn a lot from getting involved in the start up environment.

What we do

At Pir we encourage ambition, build unity and diversity, for our members and our business region. We are a place where people can learn from each other and get inspiration to go the extra mile to achieve their goals and beyond, in their own projects and for others. We also believe that you can benefit from having freedom to do things your own way. We do not want to tell you what to do or how to do it. There is not a specific answer to how you succeed. The best results come when people can be creative and find solutions their own way. We are here to advice and provide surroundings and impulses that facilitate growth and great results.

The physical

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    Meeting rooms
    . In our house you can find meeting rooms of different sizes to rent by the hour, easy booking for anyone in need of a place to meet. The meeting rooms fits 2 persons up until 20 persons in the same room. Wether you need a room to pitch in, a video chat with your remote team or a brainstorming session, we've got you covered and our in-house restaurant can provide catering to your meeting when needed. See our different meeting rooms available.
  • Memberships. There is nothing that brings us more joy than a full house. We appreciate the diversity in our community and welcome new members from different industries. Our only demand is that you contribute to our community by being curious, kind and a good sport when we throw our crazy member events. Our prices range so even the poorest start ups can join starting from a chair or sofa in our lounge. Grow with the house and upgrade to an office when you are ready. Read more about our memberships.
  • Events. We have event spaces for up to 200 people both on the first floor and sixth. Throw a conference, party, dinner, you name it. We are eager to help you because we love events. Big and small, only social or with professional content.
  • Hospitality. Our in-house restaurant, Dampsentralen, is open for all. Start your day with breakfast and end your day with drinks. Meet colleagues or friends, invite to a casual lunch meeting or just stop by to feel the urban vibe in their space.


Ålesund and Pir will continue on our path to become a strong community of company builders that share knowledge, networks and resources to help more entrepreneurs up and forward. All of which will give more value to our region. In the end all we want is for people to meet, create, collaborate and grow. Send us a "hi" so we can catch up, get to know each other and find a great way for us to collaborate. Go to contact.

Victoria Lund
Victoria Lund, Community Manager, Pir Cowork