Apply for an internship

We encourage all students to apply for an internship, and here is why:

  • The most obvious reason; it looks good on your CV. A lot of employers consider experience over good grades. Therefore, adding an internship to your CV could make it easier for you to get a job later on, maybe even the internship will offer you a job. 
  • Secondly, it’s a perfect opportunity to practice what you have learned at school in real life. A lot might seem quite easy while you are reading about it at study hall, but actually doing it in real life is something different. It is also a good way to figure out what you enjoy doing, and what you probably will not be doing in the future.
  • Third, you get to step out of your comfort zone. We know, it’s nice to be in the ‘student-bubble’, party every Thursday & Saturday with your friends and drink coffee at the library at school. However, it is outside your comfort zone you really learn and grow. 
  • Lastly, with an internship you get to meet people you otherwise never would have talked to. It is a perfect opportunity to expand your network and learn from people with experience. We strongly encourage you to apply for an internship if you get the chance. 


The value it has given us

We don’t even know where to begin or know how to explain it well enough for people to understand what value this internship has given us. Not only have we put theory into practice, but there also have been many levels of personal growth. Our mentality has definitely gone from “hope to get a job when we are done with our bachelor” to “the people that are hiring us are so freaking lucky”. In other words, our confidence has definitely grown and we are 100% more prepared to face adult work life now than we were eight months ago. From being content producers and building a new brand, to leading lectures and being responsible for different events. Well, let's just say that our internship has offered a wide range of experiences. 

The many interviews and conversations we had with the members at Pir, our biggest learning is to not be afraid to fail. If you give it your best effort you will most likely reach your goals. Also, nobody knows what they are doing when they do it the first time, but that is how you figure it out.

If we have to sum up our journey at Pir in one short paragraph: we have learned new things everyday, constantly breaking our personal barriers, insight into many different industries, built a solid network and the most important thing; gained new friendships. 


Thank you Pir Cowork

Having two badass business women as our supervisors has been the most inspirational thing about our internship. Not only them, but also all the other entrepreneurs with their start-up companies / the whole community have been so open and welcoming, giving us advice and cheering us on. Being curious about other people and inviting someone to conversations over a cup of coffee. These are small gestures that give a lot of power and knowledge, and they are the biggest lesson you all have given us. 

To the companies - hire Interns!

For students to be able to apply for internships, businesses must be willing to take them in. So, why should you? 

  • Firstly, interns are potentially a low cost project for the company. Interns will be eager to learn and has a lot to prove, they will gladly jump on the tasks they are assigned and try to impress with good results. 
  • Secondly, new impulses. The interns are probably younger, and still in school. They can bring a lot of new knowledge, new perspectives, and new energy to the company. 
  • Lastly, it is a good opportunity to get in contact with eager students who potentially can turn into your new employee. Referenced back to our first blogpost, it’s a nice way to show the students the job market, and what the city has to offer. 

On to the next adventure…

While writing this last blogpost we realize that our time is up and our internship is over. This has been one of the coolest, most educational experiences for us during our time as students in Ålesund. We are so grateful for this opportunity! We would like to thank everyone for giving us the warmest welcome and the best time as interns. We are so happy to have met every single one of you and grateful for everything we have learned from you. We hope we have given you guys something as well. Our hope is that the including, supporting and positive energy at Pir continue to follow us going forward. Thanks for everything, we will miss you. It is bitter-sweet, but it is time for us to say goodbye for now, we are off to our next adventure…

Sara & Stine<3